As individuals we all look different, yet we all look our best when we are happy and relaxed. This goes for the bride and groom to the newborn baby and the more mature subject. At NiQUE WEDDINGS we understand that it is our job, to get the best of you, captured on file for you to enjoy for the rest of your life. Sometimes just by observing you and shoot may not get the job done. That is why we believe in giving some directions but we keep it on a natural level. By giving some clear and simple directions, such as for you to walk, hold hands, kiss, cuddle, run, you will soon have forgotten that we are even there. That way, we will get that moment of a natural smile, a look, a kiss, and or a child's play. One thing for sure if you love what you see you will remember that moment forever!

Our main concern is to make your photo session a successful experience, this ensures for the best images possible, when we have fun and are happy, we get the best images.

We also encourage our clients to browse around through magazines, the web and or other portraits you have seen that you love and would want to be photographed in a similar way, to have those with you so we can create that look for you. We don't only give you suggestions but we also welcome them as well.